Lacy bloom of an agave.

Stories Told With Photographs

The photo stories that I will present to you are mostly from the beautiful island that we call “Our Paradise”, it is Anna Maria Island off the coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. I have lived here a long time now, but only recently have I discovered to use the camera as my means to capture the beauty of this gem. Just click on the gray headline to connect you to the pages of the different themes.

Walk to the beach, gray day

A Gray Day

One day in the winter when the temperatures were low and the wind cut right through me, I had the beach all to myself. The sun was hiding, a gray sky hung above. Click the image above to read the story and see the photographs.

Canal at sunset time

Around Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island has three communities on its small narrow length. For now I captured just Anna Maria Village, that is where I live. The pictures will show the small town charm and tranquility. This is a very laid back place to live in, we moved here over three decades ago. My husband used to vacation here when he was a boy. Just click on the gray link above to take a stroll through town with me.

Kissed by the morning sun

Delicious Morning Light

Mornings on the beach are very special, particularly in the summer. It is still cool enough then to enjoy a walk, the air is very moist then though. But the colors that envelope all things the sun kisses are buttery soft and delicious. You can enjoy the feel of morning by clicking the above gray link.

Sulfur sky

Stormy Skies

Hardly anything is as spectacular as the stormy skies in the summer time here on the island. To me the skies give the greatest identity to this area. Without them it just would not be the same. So powerful and dramatic they are, but beware, the storms are dangerous. So, let yourself be carried into the mood by connecting to the pages by clicking the above gray link.

Cloud bank

Interesting Clouds

The variety of cloud formations we can observe here on Anna Maria Island is spectacular. We are blessed with nature’s paintings throughout the year, but the best pictures that she paints are in the summer when big air masses collide with humid and warm air that the Gulf of Mexico generates. Just click on the gray headline to connect you to the cloud pages.

Winter sunset

Glorious Sunsets

I do not know a single person who does not like sunsets. We have spectacular ones, classic ones and wild ones, mild ones and elegant ones. Immerse yourself in the richness of the sunset experience by clicking on the link above.

A dune

In The Dunes

The pictures of the dunes are best to take in deep and cold winter. The contrast of light and dark is sharp then, foot prints are minimal. The strong winds blow the sand and create washboards. Birds are not nesting then either, so to take a trip through the dunes is not so harmful then. Although I stay out of them normally, the fragile envirnment is easily destroyed. Come take a look and enjoy with me this afternoon I spent in dunes. Click the above gray link.

Breaking wave

Rolling Waves

The breathing of the sea is always around us. We live close to the beach, just the slightest wave action is felt in the house. Watch the waves roll in with me by clicking on the link above.

A mermaid made from sand

Sugar Sand

Sugar sand we call it. It is white as snow and very inviting. Fine and soft. The quartz sand around this area has a huge effect on all colors that we see. The reflection of the sky into it gives the light a particular brightness. The water of the sea looks turquoise and lavender because of it. It is just beautiful. Just click on the gray headline to walk the beach with me.

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