A Cold front with a clear demarcation.

Clouds Are Always Changing

One winter, on a very cold and clear day, a cold front was moving in. For miles and miles this long and wide cloud bank could be observed. A very unusual shape to say the least. It was as if it had been created by a breathing dragon and frozen in the sky. Later the clouds thinned and just faded with fuzzy edges and the sky was deep blue.

Like A Cottony Vulcano

A volcano in the heavens, that is how I saw it. Bursting cotton clouds rising way up high, being pushed out of the crater beneath them. This translucent formation filled the view over the whole width of the sky that I was able to see.

A cotton cloud volcano.

Little Cotton Sheep Grazing

More and more cotton spilled out, now turning into a mass of grazing sheep. Drifting along and eventually combining into a sheep wool blanket floating above me.

A fan of cotton clouds.

Very Sculptured And Dimensional

A closer view of the cotton clouds reveals the three dimensionality of them. Usually these clouds move in before a rain storm.

Sculpted and very dimensional cotton clouds.

A Typical Summer Afternoon

On Summer days the sky has often the blow off clouds. We can see them from the beach, even when they are very far away. Sometimes it is raining over the Florida inland but not here. All of this can be watched from a safe distance. What would an Anna Maria sky be without its clouds?

A typical summer afternoon, thunder clouds are building.
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