A mermaid sleeping on the sand.

Sand As White As Snow

When visitors spend hours enjoying the beach, they use their creativity to sculpt the fine white sugar sand into wonderful beach art. Long days of idle rest are easily filled with these creations. Here a mermaid as a fine sleep on the beach.

Shells Washed Onto The Sand

The abundance of shells is very visible after a storm. Most shells are broken, and most of the more spectacular shells have vanished. Michael talks about the wonderful variety he saw as a child, but those days are gone now. Dredging and re-nourishment of the beaches have had an impact.

A wash of sea shells brought in by the tide.

A Sugar Sand Sandcastle

A sandcastle made of the white sand. The spiral form is covered with the finely sieved powder of the sugar sand. I like this shape for the castle, it was left standing close to the water and got washed away, but for a few days it stood proudly. I love the simple sand castles build by families that spend a few weeks here. There is a genuine charm there in these designs.

A sandcastle seemingly made from sugar.

Proclaiming Love

And the often repeated ritual here on the beach. How better to proclaim your love than to write it into the warm Summer sand.

Love is often declared in the beach sand.

A Sandy Sea Star

I saw this on the same day when I had my walk through the dunes. It was a very cold day, but the sand starfish was lying there unaffected. I loved it and carefully walked around it. The tiny shell decoration gave the starfish a lively look.

A huge sea star made from sand.
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