White capped beautiful wave.

White Capped Beauties

Waves can be mesmerizing when you stand on a pier and watch them rolling in. They shift their shapes but are so very similar. The glassy colors have much appeal, the foam crowns seem solid for a moment, but then they just flatten out and become a net of foam lying on the surface of the water until the waves rush to shore and dissipate. The water diamonds sparkle only in the winter when the sun is at a low angle.

I have taken most of these wave pictures from a pier. Waves are never huge where we are, but they can pack quite a punch. There is not much to add to the visuals, so I recommend that you look at the Slide Show to see those images. If you have your Java Script turned off, you can scroll down this page and click on the individual picture that you wish to see enlarged.

Low sun diamonds on the water.

— Diamonds Of The Low Sun —

Thick sea foam created by the wipped up water.

— Thickly Whipped Up Sea Foam —

Sculpted water.

— Sculpted Water —

Powerful water pushing towards the shore.

— Power Push Towards Shore —

Dancing and glittering light diamonds on the agitated water.

—Dancing Glittering Light —

Wave after wave is rolling in.

— Wave After Wave —

A day full of sunshine with a very agitated sea.

— A Brilliant Day —

Waiting for the seventh wave to ride it to shore.

— Waiting For The Seventh Wave —

Waves breaking, the breathing of the sea.

— Waves Breaking —

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