The sun is wearing a crown.

Sunsets Never Disappoint You

The following photographs are all of selected sunsets. They are different from each other, but they are all painted by nature in brilliant colors and shapes. There really is not much explanation needed, so I just show the images with a very small description. I would recommend for you to look at the Slide Show. If you have java script turned off, you can still see them in a larger version by clicking on each individual image below.

Sky drawings that some yet planes left.

— Jets Painted The Sky —

A burst of flaming clouds.

— Burning Bright —

A rainbow set against a reflecting sunset sky in the east.

— A Rainbow Against A Golden Sky —

Delightfully thorny clouds.

— A Winter Shredded Sky —

Ombre of reds and blues.

— Nature Paints Brilliantly —

 Summer fresh gold and pale blue stripes.

— Gilded Water And Sky —

Forever dipping into the sea.

— Ominous Disappearance Act —

A palm trunk got washed up by the surf.

— The Trunk Of A Palm Washed In —

A sandcastle at the edge of the sun kissed sea.

— A Dream Castle By The Sea —

A classic sunset.

— A Classic Wow Sunset —

Delightful small summer clouds.

— Putti Clouds Drifting —

Paved sunset sky, clouds like pebble stones.

— Orange Sky Paving —

5 minutes after the red spectacle the clouds are starting to turn gray.

— A Few Minutes Later —

After the sun is gone...

— Dramatic As A Stage Set —

Click To Enlarge.

— Seemingly Poured From Gold —

The baroque sky where putties should appear.

— Almost Like A Pastel —

Lovely cloud formations at sunset.

— Complex Shapes Drifting —

A muted sunset, a sky painted in silk colors.

— Feathery Spun Silk —

Inner glow.

— The White Sand Reflects Back The Blue —

Cool colors of a winter sunset.

— A Sky Like A Baby's Blanket —

Bronze clouds and water.

— Molten Bronze —

Playful character of the sky.

— Just Delightful And Happy —

Sun rays spreading upwards.

— The Sun Has Melted Into The Clouds —

Dancing clouds.

— The Fire Bird Is Just Awakening —

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