Evil looking sulfur sky.

Amazing Moods In the Sky

An evening like the one I captured here is not so very common, even in our land of majestic clouds. It was one of those really hot Summer days, filled with humidity and a foreboding pregnant air.

Powerful Shapes

The huge mass of storm clouds that approached from the other side of Florida—the Atlantic Coast—was bathed in a light of the setting sun opposing the clouds. When I walked onto the beach it felt like the clouds were almost touching me. The incredible swirling mass came closer and closer.

Bombastic storm clouds.

Ever Shifting And Evolving

The caldron above me churned and shifted, thunder came closer and some bolts of lightening as well. So I ran home to get off the beach and under a roof. It was a storm with much energy, loud crashing and electric flickering. After years of living here in the Capitol of Thunderstorms, I have only increased my respect for these storms.

Overwhelming Grandeur.

A Very Powerful 30 Minute Storm

This particular storm was incredibly strong but short, just 30 minutes. It came rushing in with high winds, a radar on a trusted TV station's website showing it as a big red mass with bowing shapes. I cringed even being in the house it was so powerful. But then all cleared and we had a beautiful sunset, as almost always is the case here on Anna Maria Island.

Vicious storm approaching.

A Cold Front In The Wintertime

The colors in the Winter sky are very different form our warm Summer moods. The winter really brings with it cooler colors, they tend to be peachy and pale blue. I love when these big bold shapes float over the tip of the island, like a huge ship steering in to dock.

A cold front pushing in from the north.
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