Painting of May Wind Face.

Artwork In Different Media

The fountainhead of my creativity is my thinking. This thinking is my guiding star to making the choices of what I create. I have always been a deep thinker and I am easily bored by banality that is so very rampant all around us. Often my escape is my art work, there I can be who I am, I can live within the parameter that I set and not what is set by outside influences.

This page is the lead-in to all my different art media that I work in. I have done a lot of art work over the past decades, here you will see a small selection of what I have created. Having learned so many ways to create my work gives me the freedom to dive into each medium without having to struggle to master its specific technical difficulty any longer.

In other words, the process itself has become part of me and in turn all creating is fun. The frustrations of the mastery of the process are gone now, my work has become pure joy. There is a comfort when I pick up a brush, touch a fine paper with a deckel edge or work on layers in Photoshop, caress a piece of silk or mix some colors.

Watercolor like digital image of a tulip tree blossom

— “Tulip Tree Blossom” —

Each piece of art has its own challenges though. I strive to be perfect to the standards that I have established for my work. Often I am a little too hard on myself because of the perfectionist in me, but the resulting work will be better because of it. It is the struggle to make it better that drives the development, I took big steps at first in my early years, now there are not many corrections left for me to do. I know in advance what to avoid and where to venture into territory that is unknown to me.

The process from the idea to the end result is always the same, no matter what the medium. The fundamental understanding of design principles to discover and then to work with has taken me many years to own and I have now a huge arsenal to rely on.

By creating many things a style has developed naturally from the core of who I am, a direct translation from my values into the execution and the content of the work of art, that includes the design of this website. I am a Romantic Realist.

Drawing of Diana the Huntress.

My Drawings On Paper

The crispness of a black and white image is unsurpassed. I just love it and so it was a natural choice for me to start my career in the fine arts with black and white images. I was about thirty years old when I began my life as a fine artist.

All the training I had before came in very handy indeed. I learned how to be patient and work cleanly. Works on paper require utmost concentration, especially when one image takes hundreds of hours to produce. There is no mistake possible, the piece would be ruined. Erasing destroys the paper surface. So I cramped my toes and stippled for weeks to finish one piece. Click on the above gray link to go to the pages that show my work on paper.


My Paintings On Canvas

The canvases that I have painted over the years are all depictions of females. In a way they are all aspects of myself, of the inner me. The technique I used was almost a simulation of silk, acrylics applied to the canvas in many thin layers or glazes. The effect is a very homogenous one, the pictures are soft and the elements in them are unified. Glazing makes families out of colors that normally are not harmonious. Working with these paintings fine tuned my sense of colors like nothing else could have done. Click on the above gray link to go to see my paintings on canvas.

Digital image of a lady with a silk scarf

My Sensuous Silks

Silk, the most sensuous of all the fabrics. The softness and luster is hard to describe until you feel it by your own touch. I paint this wonderful material with my imagination and my contol, for this painting is a very difficult medium that is drippy and unforgiving. But the results can be breathtaking and surprising. Click on the above gray link to go to my silk pages to see how it is done.

Painting plants and egret.

My Digital Art

My digital art is as complex and detailed as my art in the real world. I always try to make things more simple, but my inherent character is reflected in all of my works of art.

So my art is always the same in honest character and expression, although it might not appear that way just glancing at it in passing. My philosophical view of the world and my place in it as a human is inescapably reflected in my art, no matter what the medium. Click on the above gray link to see some of my digital work.

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