The sun is just rising.

A New Day On The Beach

Most days I like to sleep in, I stay up late and therefore hardly ever get to see the morning on the beach. But now and then I get the urge to go and enjoy an early day there. The sun rises on the other side of the island, over the bay, not by the beach. So here the sun climbs up over the roofs of some houses.

Caressing New Light

Turning now towards the water, the light has painted the sky with pale iridescent pastel colors, mild and soft. The air tends to be cool in the morning, but in the summer, a time when these pictures were taken, the air is very humid and sticks to the skin.

A new day.

The Sweet Colors Of The Morning

The almost unbearable sweetness of the morning hours. The bright pastel colors that are so often found on the cloths of babies, the sky is dressed like one now. All this does not last long, the sun will dominate very soon.

Gentle but intense colors of the morning.

A Two Minute Kiss By The Sun

A hole in the clouds allowed the sun to sneak through and give the beach a long kiss. It lasted almost two minutes, then the clouds covered up the sun again. This very morning became overcast and gray. I was indeed lucky to catch this peachy moment.

A two minute kiss by the morning sun.

The Morning Sun Highlights

When the low sun plays with the water of the tidal pools, there is a constant shift of the pattern the rippling water makes, the reflection on the sand shifts with the water ripples, creating much more complexity. This is all very visible in the lovely and gentle morning light.

Sun pattern in a tidal pool.
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