Stylized bracts of a bogainvilla.

Computer Generated Art

Very Colorful Digital Work

Usually I like to work with more subdued colors, but sometimes powerful and loud colors can be fun as well. There really is no color that I do not like, all colors have their unique place.

The pleasure of creating little colorful images keeps me glued to my computer. The never ending variety, the never ending interpretations that are possible. The way to enhance colors, make them stronger or all together change them is an artist's dream come true.

In the following image I depicted the New Year coming in in a powerfully stylized form of a female mythical sort of creature, half woman half beast. She has pushed the old year out and now just a shell of it is left behind her.

Digital image of the New Year pushing out the old.

— “The Powerful New Year” —

Morning Glories are vines that grow vigorously here on Anna Maria Island. Their blossoms are blue kissed with red, they are fragile and sweet. In this version I stressed the colors.

Digital image of the Morning Glory blossoms.

— “Morning Glory” —

The Coontie plant is a native of the Florida forests. Every reader of the novel about the early Florida settlers “A Land Remembered” by Patrick D. Smith will recognize this plant as a valuable source of food. The starchy roots were pounded into flour and biscuits made from that sustained many of the early Florida residents for a long time. The lower leaves of the plant turn golden in the winter, like sunshine emanating from the ground up. I interpreted the golden color in my image as being more than it is to call attention to it.

As artist I cull out characteristics and over-emphasize them. I present them in a more dominant way, I stylize them to portray what I saw in a subject matter, in an object, in a plant. Ideas are often such that they get more crystalized and clearer by dropping the peripherals, as I did in the stressing of the golden color here.

Digital image of the golden leaves of the coontie plant.

— “Coontie, A Florida Native” —

Sometimes the colors of the real sunsets are too mild to express the hotness of them. So I created a very hot sunset, where all colors are over the top, but they say what I want them to say.

Digital image of a hot sunset.

— “Hot Sunset” —

Winter turns our plants here in the Florida Keys into a festival of colors, just not as in the abundance as in the north. After a walk I remembered the vividness of some areas in the dunes, so I made this image of those strong winter colors. The sun hit a spot and really made these colors sing.

Digital image of Florida dune plants in the winter.

— “Winter Dune” —

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