Digital painting of young lady with dragonfly.

Creating Human Figures Digitally

Only Ladies On This Page

Even in creating my Digital Art do I go back to the ladies. I just love the swirling and flowing lines that are so feminine. For the digital images I will mostly work with the local scene, but now and then I just make a picture of a female because it is so much fun. I do not really try to explain anything, I revel in the graphic imagery, the decorative aspect of it. The feminine side of me lures me to those images still. I hope that you enjoy looking at them.

Digital painting of an imaginary circus princess.

— “Circus Princess” —

Digital painting of a night in the lotus pond.

— “Lotus Night” —

Digital painting of a lady dressed as Columbine

— “Mysterious Columbine” —

Digital painting of a lady with flaming red hair

— “Flaming Red Hair” —

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