Digital painting of a white egret with star.

My Digital Art

Not So Very Different

My digital art is not so very different in style from all my other art work. The Digital art came to life for me when I started to play on my first computer in the year of 2003. I took to it like a fish to water. It is a medium I have fallen in love with, because I can apply all the knowledge that I have from creating in the real world and adding to that the virtual tools that are so different in their character.

I get lost in creating for long hours and never get enough of it. As you see in these pages of my site, the variety is endless, and yet there is my underlying character in each piece that you encounter.

I have used the digital art throughout this site, most of the images to illustrate the stories are created with software. I use most options that are open to me, I fine tune the outcome just like I do with my physical art. To create complex images is still very time consuming, the only thing that is made much easier it the possibility of correction and revision.

Digital scene by the sea.

— “Sea Grape By The Sea” —

Renderings of plants have always intrigued me, so here is a perfect subject matter that I loved capturing. The sea-oats are loaded with golden seeds in the late summer and fall. Many birds come and eat them. When an unsuspecting person walks close to where they grow, many mourning doves suddenly fly up with their whistling wing sound.

Single sea oat stalk.

— “The heavy seed head of a sea oat” —

The blues in the winter time are very yeans color. People bundle up because the winds are biting cold. I love seeing the shifts of color throughout the year.

Beach goers in the time of Winter.

— “Beach Goers” —

Watching the seagulls is always entertaining and amusing. They populate the beaches particularly in the Winter. They along with our tourists are the snow birds. Last winter I saw a very feisty one, it probably was mating time, their heads were black, not mottled as they are at other times. This particular gull was chasing off the other guys with his wide spread out wings. The effect was incredibly graphic. Here he is in his full glory the way I have captured him.

Feisty seagull at mating time.

— “Feisty Seagull” —

I thought that it was nice to capture the typical scene that enfolds here on Anna Maria Island when one steps onto the beach. People bring protection from the strong sun, they bring provisions in coolers so they can stay and enjoy a whole day on the beach. It is always a colorful and happy picture.

A typical beach scene.

— “Sunny And Cloudy” —

Often the happiness around this island is expressed with colorful adornments to the houses. Here I designed a few wind socks that reflect that sentiment. The sun, the seagulls, the fish, all of those are dominant here on Anna Maria Island.

Fantasy wind socks.

— “Wind Socks Flying” —

Since we are surrounded by water I often marvel at the wonderful interplay between sun and water. On calm days the slight breezes of the warm air paint irresistible patterns, ever changing and mesmerizing. Those patterns are a combination of reflection and movement. A finely woven web of light.

Shimmering ripples and reflections of water.

— “Water Ripples And Reflections” —

It was one of those spectacular nights of a Florida Summer. A friend's birthday party in a beach restaurant had to be recalled by me in a digital picture, it was so beautiful that I had to record this for the future. The summer night was not too hot, a strong breeze blew over the water, the food was great, the flower decorations a bit too tropical but wonderful for a celebration.

Sunset time at a beach party.

— “Party Time At The Beach” —

One of the pleasures in working on the computer is that I can take one element, multiply it and create things like the imaginary lace of the stylized sea horses.

Fantasy lace of sea horses.

— “Intertwined Sea Horses” —

Not every picture has to have deep meaning. I love little snippets of moments where just a pretty coincidence happens, a shadow, a streak of light, colors that sing together. Or something that reminds me of other things.

Digital Image of a view of a window.

— “View Of A Window” —

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