A domed castle in the sky.

Waiting For The Explosion

A super dome of vast proportion, Amazing light from the setting sun reflects in watercolor peaches, pinks and blues. Clouds are like a different world, they seem solid when viewed from below, like you could slide down on them on a sled or snowboard.

A Day Seemingly Made Of Lead

A hot day came to an end. No storm, only deep dark clouds reflecting their led colors down into the water. This world seemed molten metal that had cooled with the skin on the surface.

The world looks like it is made from lead.

The Wind Is Stretching The Clouds

I love when the sky has different layers of clouds, like here on a late day. The low drifting shreds drifting in front of the bulkier and seemingly more solid clouds. The grayness of them sets up the bright ombred colors behind them. The world surely is a beautiful place.

Three dimensional drama.

A Storm Is Looming Over The Bay

The winter storms often come from the direction of the tip of the island, they come down from the north west. Cold but colorful, especially at the sunset time.

Impending thunderstorm.

Remnants Of A Storm Gone By

And then the storm is gone, only shredded clouds and incredible colors are left. This was 5 minutes before dark. Dark comes fast, just like that. The fires in the sky are only embers now. I walk home very quickly, there is no light on the beach. Only when the moon is out, then a walk can be wonderful at night.

Clarity before nightfall.
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