A big puffy storm cloud.

Deceptive In Its Beauty

The most dramatic coloration of a stormy sky always happens opposite a sunset. The incredible depth of purples and violets mixed with deep oranges and rust colors to set off the brightness of the storm clouds gives me a pause, always. The painter in me wants to run home and quickly paint a canvas. But a camera will do in most cases. Mostly skies like this do lead to thunderstorms.

It Is Raining In The Distance

While standing on the beach on Anna Maria Island distant views are a given. The horizon is far away and clouds that also are far away look near. Many times we can observe rain storms in the distance without ever feeling a drop of rain here.

It is raining in the distance.

Reflecting Sunset Light In The East

Here again a sunset reflection on the underbelly of a mass of clouds moving over us in the late afternoon. The storms feed on the warm and moist air that is generated during the day time, mostly in the Summer months of course. The distance seems much farther with these overhanging clouds in the view.

A storm coming in from the east, sunset colors reflecting.

Midsummer Threat

What a bombastic bank of clouds this was. The whole mass moved in very quickly, I had hardly time to run home. The wind whipped me about only about a minute after I took this picture. The thunder roared and I got quite scared, it is not a good idea to be on the beach when these storms get close, but I got caught having had a long walk with the timing off. We can often set our clocks by when the storms arrive.

This became a very severe thunderstorm.

Almost Like A Stage Set

These clouds are far away inland, no danger here. I never lose my wonder about the amazing skies here where we live, all generated by the water around the Florida peninsula and the water of all the rivers, lakes and swamps of this land.

A dark gray cloud hand raking the sky.
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