Pen and ink drawing of sparrows.

Art On Paper Is Unforgiving

More And More Detail

As my ability to control the images with much detail grew, I challenged myself to include a lot of detail and still keep clarity of the picture as a whole. The thing that I learned was to keep the grey values in check, have more ink work in the background with a grey value of a more dimmed nature while keeping the main element much lighter. It seems all self evident now, but I had to learn this through trial and error. And of course the bane of visual artists is to be too close to the work and not checking often enough from a distance. I also held the work in front of a mirror to detect flaws, the eye sees the work in a fresh way when it is reversed.

Because the pen work can not be corrected towards the light side, it can only be corrected towards the darker side, I started out making the all over drawings lighter and then added in more detail to go darker. But to get a smooth surface like for skin tones, the dotting has to be started out right from the start, the dots are applied in an even rhythm. The fadeouts from dark to light need a certain distance of even dots to make the appearance smooth and without blotches to interrupt the surface.

Stylized leaves.

In The Orchid Garden

The drawing of “In The Orchid Garden” became more elaborate as I went along. Detail of blossoms, leaves, the curly orchid roots and the sparrows just invited me to make this garden rich with my pen. I enjoyed the almost hiding of the birds in the mass of Cattleya Orchids. At the time of this drawing my huge Cattleya that I grew had about 40 blossoms on it, so I had plenty material to look at to get the blossoms right. I love the serene quality of this piece.

Pen and ink drawing of a beautiful lady in an orchid garden.

— “In The Orchid Garden” — Drawing 20 inches x 28 inches —

The New Morning Gown

My work evolved into a more mature stage at this point. The subject matter did as well. So here is a depiction of a woman at an age that has passed into the middle of her life. A sensuous lady with the appreciation of fine things. Her new morning gown is made from the finest silk and embellished with the paintings of Birds of Paradise. She savors the feel on her bare skin after she is wearing it for the first time.

The feeling that I portrayed here is, as in the other images that I have created, my own. I just took it and personified this moment I imagined inside of me. I think that I never captured what is around me but always what is within myself. My art is very personal.

Pen and ink drawing of a lady in a silk gown.

— “The New Morning Gown” — Drawing 17 inches x 23 inches —

The Midnight Bride

A bride dressed in black to marry at midnight. Unconventional to say the least, but so very appropriate when you look closer at the drawing. The blossoms adorning her hair are the spectacular blooms of the Cereus Cactus. This cactus blooms at night only, the wide open moon colored and many petalled flowers bespeak of strength and beauty—the bride's very own.

Stylized leaves.

She is also a rebel straining against traditions and ingrained customs, expressing herself with this act of defiance. A lady of her own mind.

Pen and ink drawing of a bride dressed in black.

— “The Midnight Bride” — Drawing 24 inches x 16 inches —

Dancing Star Light

Sometimes, when I look up at the night sky, the stars seem to be flickering and dancing. I imagine a dancer with her flowing skirt holding the stars tied to ribbons. She whirls and stretches up to them, dancing the whole night with the new moon looking on.

Pen and ink drawing of personified star light.

— “Dancing Star Light” — Drawing 13 inches x 16 inches —

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