Pen and ink drawing of eyes.

My Art On Paper

The Evolution Of My Skill

As I developed my skills in the medium of pen and ink, the steps to learn got incrementally smaller, as is the case always when a base of knowledge is expanded. The pen became the extension of my thoughts, I would translate all things I saw into the forms that I could utilize for my art. I became much more aware of details around me.

To work in a crystal clear way I had to understand every little thing, for fudging was just not possible, all things had to make sense and become harmonious. In a way drawing taught me much about life itself.

The Queen Of The Night

The heroic character from Mozart's “The Magic Flute”, strides into the night in a magnificent flowing gown, surrounded by huge white blossoms of deadly Jimsonweed and, symbolically, Königskerzen (King's Candles). An owl with wings fully spread rides on her arm, held high before a giant full moon. Twisting around the border is a Jimsonweed vine with still closed buds of the flower.

The print is on the prestigious German etching paper, a soft white, pebbled surface 100% rag sheet imported from Hahnemühle. — Michael

Pen and ink drawing of Queen Of The Night.

— “The Queen Of The Night” — Drawing 23 inches x 29 inches —


Neptune, riding his happy dolphin, the king and the creatures of his warmer seas are gathered here together onto Pergamenata Nuvolata, a beautiful cream colored Italian vegetable parchment. This print is signed only in the plate. — Michael

Stylized leaves.

When I first moved to Florida to settle on Anna Maria Island, I was in awe about the multitude of all the sea life surrounding us. There was a picture forming in my mind from the start. The way I did it turned into a monumental task, but it captured the way Neptune lived in my imagination down to the last little shell.

Pen and ink drawing of Neptune.

— “Neptune” — Print 38 inches x 27 inches —

Diana The Huntress

Diana The Huntress — The ancient goddess! A personification of the ideal woman—an amalgam of keen mind, strong body and graceful form. She stands in her lush forest realm poised to shoot into the sky, a flock of wild geese fleeing overhead. Sitting patiently at her feet is her sleek hunting cheetah. Behind them a pond reflects the lights of the star filled sky. On her delicate windblown drapery are stylized images of the Iris which grow beside her. These patterns are elaborated further to form the inner border framing the central figures. Beyond, a veritable jungle of fungi, flowers and trees is teeming with wildlife.

The paper for the print is pure white Rosaspina, a beautiful mould made paper from Italy, with the watermark of the acient mill: FA Fabriano. — Michael

Stylized leaves.

I could always identify with Diana as the person. The strong female, independent. She roams the woods just the way I like to, she is proud and very self assured, traits that describe me as well.

Pen and ink drawing of a bride one hour before the wedding

— “Diana The Huntress” — Drawing 26 inches x 34 inches —

One Hour Before The Wedding

Weddings, I love them. To have found the one person that you would like to share your life with is a wonderful feeling. And not just a feeling, the knowing that you have made the right choice is clear. So I captured that very private and deeply personal moment where the certainty is unquestionable.

Pen and ink drawing of Diana The Huntress

— “One Hour Before The Wedding” — Drawing 16 inches x 20 inches —

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