The Nap Felt Great

The nap felt great, now I will go and join my woman owner on that big bed. Oh no, I can not jump far enough, I slide down to the floor and my woman picks me up gently and talks to me in that soft way. She puts me down on my pillow that she has put there on the bed beside her, I will snuggle up to her and snooze some more. The both of them are still looking at the box with the things running and swirling across it. Well, I will sleep anyway.

After my latest stretch, now they both get up and just leave me alone with that talking box. Maybe I should investigate that thing. Nothing to it, I can just walk on it and nothing changes. I think to look out the window would be great now. So many people still walking by. Those two boys knock on the window now, I think that is so rude, I will just look right through them. They are gone now and it is suddenly very dark out there, just some flashing red color, no, it changed to yellow, back to red. Strange.

After a long time trying to figure out what this light is, both of them are back. Joy, double joy. My purring starts all by itself, I bump as hard as I can and both laugh happily. Now we can sit together again for a long time, and we do. But this box is still running in front of us and they both stare at it and both of them look very worried. I try really hard to make them happy now, but no matter what I do, they seem to be sad somehow. Did I do something?

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“Ok, Kitty Girl, time to turn off the lights now,” she says to me, and I snuggle right between them, making sure they both are very warm, just the way I like it best.

Both of them are asleep now, their breathing is even, the man owner snores a little bit, but I can not sleep. I think I am going to try something to get their attention. Ok, I have taken my favorite toy “Froggy” and make sure they hear that I want to give it to them, so I start to call really loud. I also get “Piggy”. Now I have gotten the attention that I needed and bring them my Froggy and really fast after that I lug Piggy to them.

Right between them I put my two gifts for them down, I call some more just to make sure they know and I jump off the bed and wash for a little bit. I watch them also out of the corners of my eyes. They do not know that I do that often. I also turn my eyes into slits and they think that I sleep. But often the sleep just overwhelms me and my eyes close without me even trying.

Cat toys Froggy and Piggy

She Looks At Me And Laughs

The woman owner says something soft and whispers to me to be quiet, but I am fully awake now and enjoy all the noises around. Finally the box is off—oh no, the box is on again, I hate it! But I keep washing my belly now, the fur has been all tangled up from my naps. I stare at her now, my tongue is sticking out of my mouth, sort of standing still after my last lick. She looks at me and laughs.

I run to her and just jump up, barely, and throw myself against her with a thud and turn onto my back and flip right back onto my belly, boxing her with my paws and run off and off and...There is nowhere to run to. So I just crawl under the bed, lie on my back and sharpen my claws on the bed above. Rip, what a great sound. Actually I imagined the sound, my other owners before my loved owners had made my claws go away. I used to have so much fun ripping her sofa, I do not know why they did not want that. People. Sigh.

It bores me after a while though and I climb up to the windowsill again. Nobody is out there now. Ok, I sneak up to her again and plop down. She seems to want to sleep but can not. She is hot and she tosses about. So I slowly inch my way up to where her face is, I tickle her with my whiskers, I snuggle up right to her face and give her a kiss and lick her face, I do love her so. She whispers back to me, she hugs me and encircles me with her arm. She cries, wet tears run down her face and I try to be very nice to her, bump her and get as close as I can. Together we finally fall asleep.

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