Very Confusing

Now the shaking has stopped. She picks me up the way she does with both hands, I do not like it and have told her many times, but she just does. And suddenly I find myself in that cage. I am scared now. I hope the woman in the white coat will not poke in my ears this time. I think I will hit her with my hind legs, that will show her.

My woman owner opens a door to the room I am now in, the shaking has stopped. She picks up the cage and carries me into another home, not large, but larger than the shaking box. Both of my owners seem busy lugging stuff from the box into our new home. She bends down and talks to me in that soft and sweet way she does, and then she lets me out to check it all out. There is no woman in a white coat here, this is not the same place at all.

Boy, the smells in this place. Very confusing, where are all the people and dogs and cats and food I smell?

So far I have not found any other critter in this place. There is a large bed, some nice shelves and such to walk on, a box that talks and it has things running across, things flat and without smell, just like the one in our old home.

cat symbol

My Favorite Pillow

I do not understand why they look at that box and moan. It is the strangest thing, they don't turn it off either and constantly say:“Oh, it will probably pass, maybe we will be lucky, maybe this little spot of dry air will stir it the other way, let us try the other channel, maybe they know something else.” I just do not know what they mean. They sound frightened to me.

And of course they do not pay the usual amount of attention to me. But now she is putting down my favorite pillow on the window sill.

My pillow she thought of bringing. I am so grateful, I have to scratch it a little bit now before I lie down on it to look out and see what is going on around us here in our new home. Hmm, so many people and dogs walking by, I have never seen such a thing. Where do they all come from? Well, I stop reporting for now, I have to take a nap on my pillow first before I can go on, all this excitement has plumb pooped me out.

I wonder why the cat on the pillow never talks to me though. I sometimes scratch it to wake it up, but it never does. Really strange. The pillow has a nice tail, just the way I do, just shorter.

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