“Have You Seen Tutu Girl today?”

And now he was at a loss. Darkness surrounded him, only the small sliver of the moon, now cool lavender, gave him a little bit of light. As he passed the dunking booth, Dunk snickered: “And a happy evening to you too.”

Mirror Boy stopped, he could hardly stand there in front of this disgrace of a performer. He never cleaned up after a day of work; and of course now that he had let his booth run down so, he hardly ever had any business at all. People just had a bad feeling looking at all the neglected equipment.

“Good evening, Dunk, by any chance, have you seen Tutu Girl today?”

“Yes, I saw her dance and twirl along, she went over to the freaks, the Three, not ever looking at me once, like I was not even there. Impolite little spinner she is. I tell you, some day something really bad is going to happen to that arrogant pink nothing.”

“OK, good night, thank you,” Mirror Boy said stiffly and turned to go back to his own booth. Behind him Dunk started a rowdy song.

Tutu Girl Always Danced

Sad and dejected Mirror Boy looked up at the sliver of the moon. Clouds whipped by and shrouded it off and on with shredded veils. Everywhere he looked things dripped and he was pretty wet and cold. The song that Dunk was belching out followed him all the way to his booth.

When Mirror Boy reached his booth, there was no sign of her, his Pink Cotton Candy Tutu Girl. He had to concentrate very hard now to set himself up for tomorrow. As the saying goes in show business: “The show must go on.” And in his case it was not an empty saying. So he checked out his place, he made sure every mirror was in the proper slot. Some mirrors were elongating, some crazily warped, some with fat bubble shapes coming out of their middle or indenting, chard looking slivers and domes, an endless variety of distorted mirrors to delight the visitors with the alien reflections of themselves. Lights shone down from pretty lanterns in all colors of the rainbow and reflected back and forth from the differently angled mirrors.

Tutu Girl always danced in front of those mirrors for the audience. Her beautiful movements reflected, fractured or totally twisted her into new and ever changing shapes, her distorted likeness intertwined with the colorful lights. She seemed to be a kaleidoscope that gets turned and turned.

My lovely Tutu, be save. Tomorrow evening, after the days work, I was going to ask you to be my bride. Yes, we are very different, but I am so happy in your presence, I want you to stay with me forever. You also are the only one who knows my real name. When you say it it sounds so nice: Tobias. With thoughts as distorted as the mirrors made his visitors feel, he tried to get some rest, but he could not sleep.

Finally a fitful sleep embraced him. But dreams interfered with his rest. He saw Tutu dancing and spinning, touching the big shapes of colorful lights and floating up into the sky. Way up she floated, singing in chard like splintered tones accompanied by the sputtering sound of an old truck, a slimy laugh in the distance, then she settled onto a cloud and merged with it. She sailed away into the pink sky and melted into it. This dream kept him tossing and turning, it filled him with fear.

Symbol of waves, stars, sun, seahorses. Divider.