The Three

So he started to walk over to the trailer of The Three, as they were known collectively. The Three were three guys, pretending to have one body. The one in the middle looked totally different from the two others. The ones on the outsides where twins, not related to the middle one at all. When you saw them in front of you, the brother on your left side, on the right side of the middle guy, went by the name of One, the other brother by the name of Two. The guy in the middle was named Three. All of them had adopted those names as their show business names.

They liked each other very much, although Three would at times snore a little bit too loudly. On the other hand, he protected them well, he came up with brilliant ideas for new shows. He also presented them well in negotiations with the different fair managers. Mostly, he charmed his way through every situation.

Of course now that it was raining, they were snuggled into their beds. When Mirror Boy knocked on the door, they jumped out of their beds and said one after the other: “Let us be, One, Two, Three, one body known as The Three.”

Nobody ever got to see them in their separated way, that was strictly private. To all around them, they appeared as just one. Their acrobatic performances stunned the audience with their imagination.

One and Two had their green pelts glistening and shining after they brushed each other, the fuchsia paws contrasting nicely. Three looked like stone in the after glow of a beautiful sunset. His feathers varied, often he would stretch them long; he could carry all three of them through the air for some distance. One could not really call it flying, but when the wind was just so, gliding over the meadows, rivers and woods was their favorite thing to do on their days off.

Spinning And Spinning

“Is Tutu here with you?” Mirror Boy blurted out loudly, forgetting all formalities, he, as a polite member of this community, would observe. Please let her be here, oh Tutu, I hope you are safe. The Three opened the door for Mirror Boy and urged him to step inside their roomy trailer.

“She was here before the storm hit, she showed us her new number, dancing with her little toes hardly ever touching the floor, spinning and spinning until she turned dark pink, then suddenly reversing her direction to unravel long crystal studded threads of white sugar with golden stars on the ends to fly and twirl around her; almost as if she had picked up the stars from the sky and the diamonds from the surface of the sea all together. What a sparkling new addition to her repertoire. And then she left to show her dance to the Flying Carpets. All the way over there could we hear her silver bell voice,” said Three, One and Two confirming it with nods of their heads.

“Well, I'll better be off then, I must find her before dark, with the lights all off in this awful weather. She just can't be out in the rain. You guys have a restful night, it is going to be busy tomorrow, being a holiday and nice weather after this storm today,” and Mirror Boy turned and crossed the grass toward the tent of the Flying Carpets.

The rain had almost stopped, only here and there a drop, the sun sneaked through the last few clouds and gilded the surrounding. In the distance, Mirror Boy saw a snippet of a rainbow and a pale peach sliver of the moon. I must hurry, I must find her. Soon he stood before the magnificent tall tapestry tent of the Flying Carpets, all ancient patterns of stylized flowers in the most delicious colors. Carved and gilded posts held up the tapestries, the entry flap was rimmed with black and white pompom fringe.

Symbol of waves, stars, sun, seahorses. Divider.