Cover page to slide show Glorious Sunsets. The sun is wearing a crown. Sky drawings that some yet planes left. A burst of flaming clouds. A rainbow set against a reflecting sunset sky in the east. Delightfully thorny clouds. Ombre of reds and blues.  Summer fresh gold and pale blue stripes. Forever dipping into the sea. A palm trunk got washed up by the surf. A sandcastle at the edge of the sun kissed sea. A classic sunset. Delightful small summer clouds. Paved sunset sky, clouds like pebble stones. 5 minutes after the red spectacle the clouds are starting to turn gray. After the sun is gone... Bright golden light. The baroque sky where putties should appear. Lovely cloud formations at sunset. A muted sunset, a sky painted in silk colors. Inner glow. Cool colors of a winter sunset. Bronze clouds and water. Playful character of the sky. Sun rays spreading upwards. Dancing clouds.