Love at sunset time.

The Sand Invites To Create

Another love story in the peach light of an evening. So very sweet and so very genuine.

A Deep Hole

The picture of this deep hole reveals the many layers of the sand on the beach. People do this and it is not a good idea, it aids in beach erosion. The water comes in at the tide and pushes into the hole, getting a grip on the sand and washing it away. It is also a danger when people walk the beach at night. I only show this as a reminder to people to have more respect for the beach and not aid in its destruction. Many never give it a thought and if they knew would not do this.

A deep hole showing the layers of sand and shells.

A Sand Shark

A great Sand Shark here created by a visitor to the Anna Maria Beach. Sharks are abundant in the waters around here, but in the daytime very few have been spotted close to the beaches. They come in at night to feed, so it is not a good idea to swim then. I think as long as I lived here only one person had a minor shark bite. The big ones roam in the waters in the channels between the islands.

A sandy sand shark.

A Very Vast Empire

This huge compound of a castle and city around it was built over several days, high up on the beach. That made it last much longer than sandcastles usually last. But eventually it too was washed away by a high tide as always is the case with anything that is on the beach.

Somebody built a huge sandcastle empire in the sand.

Tracks Of Man And Gull

A fitting end to talking about the wonderful sand here on our beaches, man and gull left their calling cards.

Rippled sugar sand with tracks of human kind and sea gull.
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