Pink morning light.

Light Is The Bride Of Morning

Like a mirror where the clouds can enjoy their own beauty, the wet edge of the sea-kissed shore glistens with the morning sky. The vastness of the scene is doubled by this reflection.

A Tiny Sea Grape Basking

A small Sea Grape in the Dunes tries to reach for the early morning sun. It has had a rain on the previous day, the pock marks of the rain drops are all around it. The little tree is trying to become bigger, growing amongst the Sea Oats. The trees that are close to the water never grow really tall, they stay short and bent, the salt and the wind make life a struggle for them.

A sea grape baby greeting the sun.

The Sun Creates Enchantment

One early morning I took a walk in the middle of the island. There I found a stand of old Cedar trees covered with Spanish Moss that was swaying in the wind. This rather common Tillandsia is found throughout the South of the US. Here the sun highlighted the lacy effect of this tree sitting plant.

Spanish moss and other tillandsias in a cedar tree.

Morning Glory, True To Its Name

The unmatched beauty of the Morning Glory, a native plant here on Anna Maria Island, is particularly attractive when the sun shines through the fragile petals. The goblets of the flowers are intense pink turning purple-blue towards the frilly edges. True to its name, this morning they looked glorious.

A Morning Glory in its full glory.

Breakfast For A Great Gray Heron

The hours of morning are the favorites for the Great Gray Heron to go fishing for some breakfast. A majestic and huge bird. This bird likes to wade in the surf and pick up an unsuspecting fish or crab. I love the way it twists its head sideways and moves its neck in a crooked way. He was successful this morning.

A Great Gray Heron hunting for breakfast.
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