The wind drew a feather.

Winter Dunes

The long blades of the Sea Oats attract the wind to dance with them. They get whirled about and pushed at the same time, very often drawings of feathers appear in the sand. The delicate patterns are found all along the edges of the beach where the plants are growing.

Record Of Movement

By the depth of the drawn circle it was obvious that the wind had been blowing for days. It carved a trench around the Sea Oat, cutting right through the little ridges of the sand ripples.

Record of movement.

Treck Into The Dunes

This treck looks interesting and it gives dimension to the scene, but it is a record of something we should not do. I was very careful to avoid this kind of walking through the loose sand. A track like this gives the wind a chance to erode the dunes.

Treck into the dunes.

Basket Weave Of Shadows And Sand

Never ending weaving by Mother Nature. How inspiring those arbitrary patterns can be. Like doodling while talking on the phone. I also love the colors of the winter scene here in the dunes, very restrained palette indeed.

Shadows and rippled sand become a basket weave.

A Cat Walked By Himself

What can I add to that, it is all in the picture. A cat walked by himself last night. What else?

A cat who walked by himself left a spoor.
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