A dance of wind and clouds, twirling the sun kissed tops into a visible movement.

Wind, Sun And Clouds Are Twirling

Those lovely shapes the wind creates when dancing with the tops of clouds. Swirling and shifting, ever evolving into new shapes. These clouds are especially pretty at sunset time, the other direction away from the sunset, just being lit by the warm and glowing colors. Often I love the other side of the sunset where the colors play in a more muted way.

Sheep Herd Clouds Grazing

This was an icy cold day in the winter. Crisp and clear, just the way I love it. The colors become very much like silk colors then, clouds shift on top of each other like chiffon does when it layers itself and colors start mingeling by just sitting on top of each other.. A very painterly sky.

The sheep herd of clouds is busily grazing at sunset time.

A Bouquet Of Puffy Clouds

Never does the sky repeat its stage set. After all these years of observing I am still surprised about the beautiful shapes that form. Clouds like these will only stay in formation for a very short time, minutes really. So it is lucky to be able to catch one of those unusual ones now and then. Today I hardly ever walk without having the camera with me. Most of the time I do not even take a picture because I like to be selective about it.

A burst of little clouds decorating the sky like a bouquet of baby’s breath flowers.

Unbelievable Mammalian Clouds

These mammalian clouds are incredible, especially if the sun is setting while they are forming. I had never seen them before, so when they appeared while I was looking out the window I ran down to the beach and captured them with the camera. I felt like being in the ancient world where dinosaurs roamed and mud was bubbling. A very eery feeling they gave me, as if they were made from molten gold.

Mammalian clouds, a very rare occurrence.

Mammelian Clouds Are Very Rare To Catch

Very soon, maybe six minutes after I took these pictures, the clouds flattened out and floated just like a regular blanket of clouds. I had expected a storm to develop from them, but nothing happened. They vanished into the night that followed.

Eery mammalian clouds highlighted by the setting sun.
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