Our famous Anna Maria jail house, no windows, no doors.

Laid Back Community

We do not have many historical sites here on Anna Maria Island. One of the few is this old decrepit jail that was turned into a joke. It used to be in scant use to let drunks sleep off their inebriated state or for some minor violation as a holding cell. Now it is used for fun events as a joke. The condition of it is well advertised by the graffiti. At Christmas time it even gets a string of lights to make it more festive.

Mourning Doves On A Wire

The Mourning Doves live here in abundance. Their call can be heard year round. They frequent our bird baths every day. Flocks of them roam the dunes for seeds in the sand. Their whistling wings can give people a halt in their steps when they get too close. Flocks of them whistle by and settle some other place, often on the electric wires, lining up in one direction, almost always.

Mourning Doves on a wire.

Shadows In A Maritime Forest

Right behind the Jail in the little park by the canal is a dense fence surrounding some equipment that the city stores there. The fence lets just enough sunlight through to create a wonderful pattern on the floor of the maritime forrest. The benches invite to have a quiet respite. This is a favorite spot I go to.

Shadows in the maritime forest.
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