A little bird house perched on a weathered fence.

Whimsical Charm On The Island

Charm is lurking all around. There is a laid back attitude here that fosters little delightful details. People are nice here and enjoy the easy life style. Of course many places on Anna Maria Island are geared towards the tourist industry, so a lot of attention is paid to the things that make a vacation memorable. But this is only part of it, the people who have chosen to live here are most all a little unusual, as is the case on many islands.

Weather Vane of a Heron.

A Playful Greeting

Storefronts are also part of the style that gives charm to this place. There are often adornments with local flavor or of whimsical sea lore, bright and happy colors to give the feel of lightness and perpetual happiness.

The entry to a little convenience store.

Porches Are Used Here A Lot

This island with its warm climate is of course very suitable for living in the open air, most people have a spot in their garden or on a porch. Colorful chairs decorate those places and they invite you to take a rest from the hurry of life that is all too often getting in the way of a leisure hour. Even when you live here permanently and work here the way we do, there is always a little bit of this atmosphere rubbing off. A mini vacation just stepping out of the house.

Painted adirondack chairs on a porch.

Weathered By The Salty Air

Sun, wind and storms take a toll on all things on the island. Part of the charm is the natural decay of painted surfaces and old wood like the planks of the pier. Often this wear and tear is simulated in the furnishings of today, but we have the real thing right here on Anna Maria Island. One of the charming signs that has been aged by nature is this wonderful hand painted disk advertising the Rod & Real Pier.

An old sign to the Rod & Reel pier..

Colorful Fun Is All Around

Since often people equate bright colors with vacation time and fun, many of the businesses have painted their store fronts in very tropically inspired colors. The sherbet colors mainly. It is fun to see, especially when the decorations on the walls can keep pace with that strong abundance.

Although my personal preference is towards the muted approach, I look at the nature around us and would like to see more of it incorporated in the color choices people make for their living spaces, in other words: respecting the philosophy of the Sense Of Place would make it even better.

A colorful store front.

Charming Detail In Many Ways

Just a little hidden entry to a café. Delightful little woodwork to mark the spot. I like this style of naïve homespun look. It is found here in abundance.

A sign for a cafe.
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