Lily and the elephant ran to it, as if they had finally found their home. Lilly looked at Sandy and said: “This is it.” and she danced off into the sand castle, the elephant following her. Sandy walked over to the door of the castle and stepped in, he was surprised to find it had a very comfortable room where he could walk around in. All the rooms were the rooms that the little boy, who build the sandcastle, had dreamed up while he was building it. So, Sandy walked around and saw some steppes leading down into the basement of the castle. Big, round bolders blocked his view and exit out of the building, so he turned around and went up again.

Sand Castle

He was surprised by Lily standing there and holding a book in her hands. She looked at it with a puzzled expression on her face:

“What are these marks, Sandy, do you know?”

“That is writing, a visual form of the language that we speak.”

“Can I learn this?”

“Yes, you will.”

And so he took the book and showed her. She was an incredibly fast learner. He would hardly explain something, and like magic, she understood. Sandy was a teacher, used to children, who just learned the basics for reading, had never encountered some student who was a clever as Lily. He had his summer vacation right now, he lived by the beach in the rented cottage where Lily and he had just had breakfast. He closed his eyes and was thinking about the events of yesterday and today. Was this all happening in his head? Was he dreaming? What was going on? But it went on. Lily started to read to him, she also understood what she was reading. Mid-sentence the elephant that Lily called Jimmy now came lumbering into the room. He looked at Lily in a strangely human way, Trumpeted and turned to walk out. Lily hopped up from the chair that she sat on, and she followed him out the door.

“Jimmy, wait Jimmy.”

So, Jimmy waited for her to catch up. When she reached him she asked him to bend down so she could ride on his back. Jimmy folded his front legs and she was able to climb on his back. Jimmy ran down the beach to find something to eat. He did not know what though, so Lily pointed to the sea oats.

“Jimmy, look there, try those. Look how full the seed heads are!”

Jimmy stopped, Lily stood beside him and watched him eat. She was ecstatic how well he seemed to like the sea oats. There were so many, he would never run out them. Both of them laughed, the sound that Jimmy made was a staccato sound of his trumpeting. Lily flipped and touched Jimmy on the trunk. Jimmy in turn wrapped his trunk around her, lifted her up and set her down gently on his back. They went back to the castle, where Sandy stood by the entry door, waiting for them.

“You two are quite amazing. I think I will leave you now for the night, I see you again in the morning.”

With those words he left, leaving Jimmy and Lily standing there. Both of them looked at each other and turned back to the beach. There were many more of the sand critters that the little boy had built. So Lily told Jimmy to stop, she saw a sculpture of a sea lion. Again, like she had done with Jimmy, she knelt down, whispered to the sea lion and touched him. He rolled around and he bellowed soundly, and then he raised and slid down towards the waves, his flippers scraping the sand. He dived into the water and waved with one of his flippers.

Turtle made from sand

Lily laughed and danced with joy, she felt like she could turn all of the beach into living creatures. The turtle was next, again she whispered and touched, the turtle was already on its belly, she called it Shell. Shell started to crawl instantly to the edge of the water, but he did not go in, he was a land turtle. So Lily guided him toward the dune, he gladly followed her and when he got there, he looked around and saw many cactus pads. He started to nibble on them, and it was perfect for him. So Lily left him to eat and turned around to greet Jimmy again. He lifted her on his back and they started to go to the castle, which had drawn attention from the local beach goers. Non of them had ever seen such a thing.

They stared and pointed, their minds not quite comprehending this huge castle. Where did it come from? why had they never seen one like this before? And then Jimmy with Lily on his back came walking down the beach, heading right for this castle. The people took photos and talked with each other, staring at Jimmy and Lily.

Lily hopped down from Jimmy’s back and started to invite people in. They followed her eagerly. When she started to tell her story, they all looked at her with skeptical twists of their faces. They just could not believe her. Jimmy just stood beside Lily and nodded his head.

Symbol of waves, stars, sun, seahorses. Divider.