He walked barefoot on the sand of the beach. He did not pay much attention to the other people who also walked or were running. The crisp air made breathing easy, he took some deep breath and started to day-dream. His shirt became too warm, so he took it off. While he did so, an old beach friend walked by. “Hello, good morning”, he echoed the greeting back to the other man. Both waved to each other and they walked on.

The next guy came along: “Hello Sandy, how are you this fine morning?”

“Just fine, just fine.”

And so he went to the area of the beach where the sea oats grew in big clumps. He marveled at the birds, he closed his ears to their shrieks, and plodded on. A nice breeze tickled him now, the waves were making music. The sea breathed evenly and not too loudly. So he was very content.

Sea Oates.

The sun came up and the shafts of light blinded him, so he pulled his cap with the visor lower and walked on. There were a lot of little animal sculptures in the sand that children had left from the previous day’s fun. Those children were not here now, it was too early in the day, or they might have gone to Disney land, after all, they were on vacation. After looking at the sand sculptures and admiring their charm, some were partially washed away, he heard a small voice. No one was around him, so he just shrugged it off. And then again it called out:

“Sandy, Sandy, I am here, over here.”

He went into the direction of the call and looked around, saw nothing. But then he almost stumbled on a sand sculpture: A mermaid was lying there by his feet, she lay there with her back turned to him, her sea weed hair all tangled.

He felt silly asking her, but he said: “Have you called me?”

And she turned around and answered: “Silly man, of course I called you. I would like for you to pick me up and bring me down to the water. I would love to swim in the waves.”

Lily from the front.

He was very stunned and took some pictures. He had never seen anything like this.

So, knowing what sand does when you pick it up, he did not have high hopes that she would stay together as one mermaid. But she looked at him with pleading shell-eyes. He decided to give it a try. He lifted her very carefully, she held together. He walked over to the edge of the sea, the waves lapping at his bare feet.

“I do not know what this will do to you, but if you really want to, I can carefully set you down here on the edge.”

“Yes, yes please.”

And so he put her into the foaming waves, her sea grass hair floated prettily around her, and she swam off, splashing her wide tail. He waved and she vanished. He shook himself not believing what had just happened to him. How could this be real? He looked at the pictures again, just shaking his head.

Symbol of waves, stars, sun, seahorses. Divider.