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Here is where you can find out more about me, you can read my biography, you can find out about my likes and who I am. I will tell you what I have done in my life and what I am doing now.

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If you want to contact me, make a comment about this site, to find out more about me and my work. Here you can also find out if I might be interested in working with you on one of your projects. As you can see on the About page, I have done many things that might be of interest to you or your business.

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Fantasy has been my lifelong companion. Within this site I have finally found a way to write some of my fantasy stories down. They are tales for children and adults alike. I take delight in letting my musings run without a leash. I am a very grown up person with a big child within me, so that is what you will find in my stories. I also have added illustrations and will add more as time goes by.

Two Boletus mushrooms

A Perfect Day


December 1952


Walking Trees

Red book box

The Diary



Swirling stars

Pink Cotton Candy Tutu Girl

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Collection of small photos


The photo stories that I will show you are mostly from the beautiful island that we call "Our Paradise", which is Anna Maria Island off the coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. I have lived here a long time now, but only recently have I discovered to use the camera as my means to capture the beauty of this gem.

All of the photographs can be viewed as slideshows within their individual categories. You can find the links in the top and bottom navigation on all the photo pages.

Walk to the beach, gray day

A Gray Day

Canal at sunset time

Around Anna Maria Island

Kissed by the morning sun

Delicious Morning Light

Sulfur sky

Stormy Skies

Cloud bank

Interesting Clouds

Winter sunset

Glorious Sunsets

A dune

In The Dunes

Breaking wave

Rolling Waves

A mermaid made from sand

Sugar Sand

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Two brushes

My Visual Art

Art is what I need most in my life, the process of creating. It does not matter what the creating is, as long as I can let my thoughts grow with any medium that is at hand. Over time I have created many things and I will continue to do so. Age is not a limit to creativity, on the contrary, the ability grows because the foundation is so strong after so many years of acquiring skills.

Drawing of Diana the Huntress.

My Work On Paper


My Paintings On Canvas

Digital image of a lady with a silk scarf

My Sensuous Silks

Painting plants and egret.

My Digital Art

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